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The Lord by wisdom founded the earth;
By understanding He established the heavens.
Prov. 3:19

Part 2 - The Sanctifying Work of Christ

Figure 2: Exodus 31 says that the work of creation and God's ensuing rest are part of the Sabbath day sign that God is the One who sanctifies. This sign was for Israel who was set apart from Egypt and typifies the believer who is set apart from the world.

Graphical figure showing the sanctifying work of Christ. Separation Separated in the light of Christ Separated in the heavenly dwelling place of Christ Separated in the body of Christ (the Church) Separated from the rule of the law to the rule of Christ Consecration and Provision Consecrated to sharing the light with the world Consecrated to praising and worshipping God Consecrated to edifying the body of Christ Consecrated to Christ as His bride The two great purposes of God